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Laying the Threads Bare on Clothing Donation: What seems like a local action can have hidden global consequences

Article by Jenna Moore Image by Katrina Shakarian Bales of clothing waiting to be sold at Gikomba market, Kenya Fast-fashion marketing encourages us to treat our clothes as disposable items, but many of the clothes discarded as waste by Canadians on a daily basis are still fully wearable. As a recent Greenpeace report explains, clothes discarded in the trash are are “not only a huge waste of all the resources embedded in these products, but create yet more pollution.” The solution that many of us with a full closet are encouraged to pursue is to donate our unwanted items to charity. Or, recently, with the rise of retailer-run take-back programs, to bring our clothes back to the store we bought them in....

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Which Fabrics Do Less Harm? A science-based guide to sustainable shopping

  By Rachael Atkinson I have a self-proclaimed shopping problem and an obsession with current trends. This  led to me amass a huge wardrobe by the age of 18. It was so large that for four years I did not once repeat the same outfit. That’s not to say that I didn’t wear the same pieces more than once, but never did I ever wear the same top, bottom, and shoe combination twice…for four entire years. That’s a lot of clothing. As a high school student with little disposable income, maintaining this routine required a lot of shopping at fast fashion stores that offer inexpensive, up-to-date trends. I am also a self-proclaimed environmentalist, a sustainability major, Greenpeace member, and vegetarian....

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Recap: Clothing Swap & RiverBlue Documentary Screening

Thank you to all those that attended our clothing swap and documentary screening of RiverBlue at the Notman House on Feb 22nd! It was a packed room, and I was thrilled to see so many faces that I'd met at artist's and farmer's markets. Read on to find links to tangible resources to change your shopping and garment disposal habits, right here in Montréal! (Filled with great ideas & takeaways for non-locals too!)  1. The Documentary, RiverBlue I was shocked after I watched RiverBlue. Before I began to research this issue, I knew nothing about the impact that the garment industry has on our planet, specifically on our freshwater. In the film, river conservationist Mark Angelo takes an in-depth look...

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